Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Give your car a clean, custom look with our automotive tinting service today. We offer many different shade choices to suit your level of comfort. All of our automotive films block 99% of the suns harmful UV rays leaving your vehicle feeling cooler and  protecting your vehicles interior from premature fading and cracking. We offer a high end carbon film which comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty against fading , peeling and bubbling. We also offer a top of the line ceramic film which has a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling and bubbling. Both of our automotive films are backed by our personal lifetime warranty on installation and workmanship!


Safety Features of Applied Window Film

  Tinting your vehicles glass also provides an added level of safety for you and your passengers. Have you ever seen a door glass or back glass break? If you have, you probably noticed that the glass ended up in thousands of little pieces that got all over the interior of the vehicle and also anybody who happened to be sitting close to the glass that broke! With window film applied to your vehicles glass it will act like a protective cover that will keep the glass from spraying all over your vehicles interior and protect you and your passengers from flying glass. This is not it’s designed purpose but it is an added benefit to tinting your vehicles glass.


Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle Windows:

  • Greater Comfort
  • Less Glare
  • Increased Safety
  • Reduced Interior Fading and Cracking
  • Added Privacy
  • Higher Resale Value

Our Window Films:

  • Resist Fading
  • Resist Bubbling
  • Resist Peeling

We Provide:

  • Top of The Line Carbon and Ceramic Window Films
  • Auto and Truck Tinting
  • RV and Bus Tinting
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our professional and courteous staff will answer any questions you have about our full service Auto and RV window tinting services. Call us today at 928-243-2536 for a quote!

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