Residential and Commercial Tinting

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting


When you are in your home or at your office, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable.  That can be hard to do when the sun is beating down on your windows.  Our films are designed to block out not only UV rays but also glare and heat.


  Take away the glare on your TV and glass table tops. Feel comfortable in your office. Save on your heating and cooling costs. Add an upscale look to the interior and exterior of your home or office. Do all of these things and more with architectural window film installed by All Shade.

  Tinting your home or commercial property saves you money on your energy bills and provides a measurable level of comfort and aesthetics. For all your window tinting needs. Call All Shade today at 928-243-2536 to make an appointment with us to come out to your home or business and show you all the different options we have to choose from. We will also measure your particular application so we can provide you with an accurate low cost quote specific to your needs.


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